Progressive World Relief

We are dedicated to giving back to the communities we serve.

The PWR campaign has been designed to bring together homeowners, suppliers, employees, and technicians for a great cause. We have always been people helping people and we do it because it makes a difference. PWR has partnered with many non-for profit organizations across Canada and a portion of all proceeds will be given back to local communities. Out most recent non-for profit donation was with the SPCA which helps neglected animals get the care they deserve.

Our Projects


We were excited to finish our first annual Let’s Kick It! Soccer charity event. All proceeds will be donated to Right to Play; an organization that allows children to play extra curricular sports. Thank you to Events by Ashley for helping us organize this outstanding event!

Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue

This month we donated pet supplies to the Saint John SPCA Animal Rescue in New Brunswick. Here at Progressive we love our furry friends, we wanted to make sure they were fed and had everything they needed. There are lots of animals that are looking to be adopted into good homes. Please visit your local SPCA Animal Rescue to get more information on how to adopt a pet!

Proud Supporter of Leo Hayes Highschool

This Month we made a donation to Leo Hayes Highschool Phy Ed Department in Fredericton, NB.

Annual Back to School Program

Learning Enrichment Foundation’s Annual Back to School Program

This month we donated to the Learning Enrichment Foundation’s annual back to school program and participated in the annual Barbeque! The Learning Enrichment Foundation assists people within the community to find employment. Our donation went towards buying underprivileged youth back to school supplies. We believe all children should be given the same opportunities, especially when it comes to getting a good education. We had so much fun with the foundation and the students. Thank you for working with us!

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Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club

We are proud to have completed our first event with the renowned Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club. It was a great privilege to participate in the annual Christmas Hamper Program by providing over 400 families with meals and gifts over the holidays. As a company, all of us are dedicated to contributing to the well-being of our communities. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to partner with your team and we can’t wait to make a bigger impact this year!

Autism Awareness

For our first project we decided to contribute a brand new air conditioning unit to the Alves Family. For Todd and Alex, being diagnosed with Autism has been a blessing and a challenge for themselves and their family. In the summer time, the family usually travels up North to the cottage, providing comfort for Todd and Alex in the cooler environment.

Progressive World Relief is proud to launch our first world project! Not only are we contributing positive solutions to the world community, we are also promoting Autism awareness. Please enjoy this video of our experiences with them and share it with others! Thank you for your support.

Donation to Haiti

In May we donated over 200 lbs of clothing to the relief effort in Haiti! We were super excited to help out with this. It’s the small things that make a big difference!

Empowering Women World Wide

This month we sponsored a child from Columbia through the “Because I am a Girl Foundation”. Which is a global movement to create opportunities so that girls everywhere can learn, lead, decide and thrive. Investing in girls is key to eliminating poverty and creating a safer, brighter future for everyone. Education, health, and safety empowers girls to lift themselves, their families and communities out of poverty. Our participation provides education, health care, family income, food, clean water, and child protection for girls worldwide.

Our 360 Warranty

Peace of mind is important to all of us. At Progressive, we understand that life can be complicated sometimes, which is why we are proud to provide you with our 360 warranty as a promise to each and every homeowner that completes a home improvement with us. Our 360 warranty is the most well-rounded warranty in the industry! We guarantee you will never have to worry about the performance and maintenance of your equipment for the entire 10 years.

Why Upgrade?

✔    Certified installation
✔    360 warranty coverage on all parts and labor for 10 years!
✔    Annual maintenance
✔    No upfront cost
✔    Priority service calls
✔    Affordable monthly payments

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