10 Money Saving Tips Homeowners will Appreciate

✔️ Automate your thermostat or use a post-it note:🌡
Invest in a Nest Learning Thermostat it is worth the investment. if Nest is not an option put a sticky note up that will remind adjust your thermostat when you walk out the door! 🗒

Keep your AC clean and clear:
Remove any dirt or obstructions that may cause your unit to have to work twice as hard. 🤒

 Block out the sun: 😎
All of those windows in your home are the largest source of heat flowing inside during hot summer days. Another idea is to plant trees around your home that can create shade from the sun to your windows.

 Check for leaky ducts: ☔️
Over time the joints and seals in ductwork can dry out and deteriorate due to temperature fluctuations in crawl spaces, basements, and attics.
Hire an HVAC service tech to check out the ductwork.

 Power Shower: 🚿
Take short room temperature showers and avoid hot long showers that mess with the temperature in your home.

 Replace air filters: 💨
Yes, those filters should be replaced every 6 months so that it doesn’t affect the quality and effectiveness of the air in your home. The last thing you want is your HVAC system to burn out from never changing them! 😱

 Hang out your laundry:
If you have a laundry room or clothing line outside take advantage of the warm sunny days to save on using your electricity.

 A 💡 idea:
Go LED for the win, LED lighting runs cooler than incandescent bulbs.

 Grilled to perfection: 🔥
During the hot summer months consider BBQ or cooking outdoors, the less heat you use in your home the less your AC has to work on cooling it down.

 Get a heating and cooling service contract:
Now we are not just saying this because we are a professional HVAC company but because it really does make sense to have your HVAC insured with a good company that will take care of your AC unit in the summer and your furnace in the winter, saving you tons in the long term!