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Home Improvement

“I Just wanted to say that I am really happy with the entire experience Progressive Home service was able to provide me. The installers were very professional, they arrived on time and cleaned up everything.”
– Mary, Caledon

“My wife and I decided to sign up for both the rent to own furnace and air-conditioning. The sales representative had promised us lower bills and a rebate. We received the rebate within 2-3 weeks after the installation. And our bills have significantly dropped with our new high efficiency equipment. Overall I’m happy.”
– Jeremy, North York

“My furnace was 30 years old and I couldn’t afford to replace it. So when a progressive home service advisor informed me of the rent to own option I was intrigued. With hydro rates skyrocketing I’m really happy I found this alternative affordable solution.”

“I bought my home 3 years ago and it didn’t come with an air conditioning unit. When I got some quotes from our local installers they were quite high and I couldn’t afford it as I am a single mother of 2 and was more of a luxurious item. When my neighbour got there furnace installed by Progressive Home Services I asked her about them. And that when she told me about the rent to own option. The summers are much cooler and my bills have stayed the same. I would recommend them to anybody”

“I am a huge animal lover, I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Even though I am constantly cleaning my home there is fur everywhere. When a Progressive energy advisor told me about their Air filters I immediately knew this was my solution. The fur and dust have significantly reduced as well as any pet odors. They also send you filter changes which is great.”

“I live up in Fort Erie and have a huge lot. I love to plant and grow my own vegetables. I knew the water contained chemicals in it and I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle. So I did my research and called Progressive to install a whole home water filtration system. The installation took about an hour. The installer was very nice and left no mess.”

“I had to put a service call through to progressive because my furnace had stopped working in the middle of winter. They showed up within a couple of hours to repair it. In this case I am pleased with my rent to own option, I am worry free.”

Solar Services

“ I was really happy with the entire solar project. Everything was done in a professional and timely fashion.”

“I own a poultry farm and our highest monthly bill was the electricity. A solar system seemed very complex and a lot of companies told us we couldn’t have it done. When we got in touch with Progressive home services they explained everything to us in a simple fashion. We had the panels installed summer of 2016 and we have seen tremendous saving. We are looking forward to referring more people this green approach to the future.”

“Altogether the project took 3 weeks from the time the solar advisor showed up at our home til the panels were installed. Everything was very simple and straight forward.”

“ My brother in law had done solar panels on his cottage with another company a couple years back but had a horrible experience. So at first I was hesitant to consider suggestions from the solar advisor. I was presented a breakdown sheet that told me what my investment would look like over the next 25 years and it just made sense.”

“ They did an awesome job! A week before the install the installers came by my house to take measurements and do a full inspection of my roof. They did a great job with getting everything set up for me. I’m not the most technically savvy person but they showed me how to use the app to monitor my savings and consumptions and to my surprise it was very straight forward.”

“ Great experience!!!! They were able to maximize my roof space. It looks great!!!”

“ This was a very simple transaction. Progressive took care of everything for me. They explained my savings, showed me what the design would look like, and dealt with the utility connection. Prior to the install, an installer visited us to inspect the roof, and even though we needed some minor roof repairs, they recommended a great company.”

Our 360 Warranty

Peace of mind is important to all of us. At Progressive, we understand that life can be complicated sometimes, which is why we are proud to provide you with our 360 warranty as a promise to each and every homeowner that completes a home improvement with us. Our 360 warranty is the most well-rounded warranty in the industry! We guarantee you will never have to worry about the performance and maintenance of your equipment for the entire 10 years.

Why Upgrade?

✔    Certified installation
✔    360 warranty coverage on all parts and labor for 10 years!
✔    Annual maintenance
✔    No upfront cost
✔    Priority service calls
✔    Affordable monthly payments

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