Payne® has created the most durable, efficient and affordable product line of Heat pumps and Progressive makes it a priority to make sure that you get the heat pump that best suits your home and life!

Payne® is a Leader in the HVAC industry! At Progressive we only partner with other exceptional companies whose values and missions align with ours. Payne® is about efficiency, effectiveness and affordability!

Payne® Central Heat Pump


Payne® Certification:


Most homeowners when looking for a new heat pump are looking for a reliable, efficient and budget-friendly system! Payne is one of the top leaders in the HVAC industry and provides many homeowners across Canada with comfort and peace of mind.

These heat pumps and fan coils use the EPA-approved and chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant, an environmentally-sound alternative to R-22, for minimal effect on the Earth’s ozone layer.

Top Features:

✔ Durable Fan Motor: Providing year after year of smooth-running operation in extreme temps, Payne fan motor ensures reliable comfort

✔ Effortless Heat or Cool: The reliable reversing valves easily switch functions from heating to cooling and back again, as the temperature demands

✔ Good Looks: The corrosion-resistant, painted exterior finish will stay looking good now for years to come

✔ Reliable R-410A Compressor: You want the most important part of the entire unit to stay running strong, right? With built-in protective features, our compressor operates quietly and reliably season after season

✔ Smooth and quiet: Rubberized isolation pads create a buffer between the base pan and the compressor to absorb vibrations and minimize noise

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