Home Solar Questions & Answers

Renewable energy for Canadians that operates independently. Home Solar Power requires little to no maintenance over its lifespan. Learn more with Progressive Home Services today.

Q. Why go Solar?

A. Solar power is a renewable energy source that will never run out. Unlike other forms of energy, solar is clean and environmentally friendly. It is one of the few forms of renewable energy that operates independently. Requiring little to no maintenance over its lifespan. Solar panels can last upwards of 40 years with minor efficiency degradation. With the new net metering projects, homeowners are noticing up to a 14% return on their investment. A homeowner with a solar project can see an average of 4% increase on their property value so it really pays for itself many times! Any solar installation that Progressive installs for you is completely turn-key, so you can start benefiting from the moment the installation is complete!

Q. How does it work?

A. The solar panels will convert sunlight into direct current electricity that is then pushed through the inverter. The dc electricity produced by the solar panels will then convert to alternating current electricity. We basically take the energy from the sun and convert into usable energy for your home!

Q. How long will the installation take?

A. There are several factors that will determine the length of installation, such as the complexity of your roof and size. On average it will take approximately 2 to 3 days from start to finish with an additional day for the electrician.

Q. Are the installers insured and licensed?

A. Most insurance companies now understand solar. Most of them now treat solar equipment the same as any other equipment such as a hot tub or upgraded kitchen. Our customers pay from $75 to $150 extra per year.

Q. How are the panels attached? Is there any roof damage?

A. The average home can require up to 90 roof punctures and it is imperative that all of them are leak free. Some competitors that provide cheaper installation use butyl tape, in doing so it will void your roof warranty and will eventually leak. We use PV Quickmount systems they are the most expensive but with our experience we feel its money well spent and we haven’t had any installations that have leaked.

Q. Should I replace my shingles before I go solar?

A. Before we install the solar panels, we will have a certified installer do a roof inspection. If the singles need to be replaced you would have 3 options. 1. Replace the shingles only where the solar panels will be attached, replace your entire roof or we can replace it for you and add it to the total amount being financed. If for whatever reason we have to pull the panels off your roof there is a cost associated with it.

Q. How does shade affect my production?

A. Shade will reduce the amount of electricity your system can produce by a small amount. Our solar designers will work in positioning the panels on the roof in the most effective way possible. Shading usually comes from trees and chimneys.

Q. How does the winter affect the panels?

A. The output of the solar panels will be affected if they are covered with snow. Although they are installed at an angle so the snow will slide off. The high summer months will balance out lower winter months.

Q. Will animals be a problem?

A. No, we install metal squirrel guards to keep squirrels and birds from interfering with the panels.

Q. Where do you install?

A. We install turn-key solar projects for homeowners across Ontario.

Q. Can a solar panel project increase the value of my home?

A. Yes, on average the value of your home will increase by 4%.

Q. What if I sell my home?

A. Your property value would have increased and you are now selling your home with an asset. The new homeowners won’t have to pay for hydro.

Q. How can I track my savings and consumption?

A. All solar projects come with a web-based monitoring system. You can download the app on your phone to track your production as well as your consumption.

Q. Why choose Progressive Home Services?

A. Our installers have 25 years of installing solar panels. We produce reliable projects. We use only quality materials that will last you the entire life span of the solar panels. All our projects come with a 20-year warranty.

Our 360 Warranty

Peace of mind is important to all of us. At Progressive, we understand that life can be complicated sometimes, which is why we are proud to provide you with our 360 warranty as a promise to each and every homeowner that completes a home improvement with us. Our 360 warranty is the most well-rounded warranty in the industry! We guarantee you will never have to worry about the performance and maintenance of your equipment for the entire 10 years.

Why Upgrade?

✔    Certified installation
✔    360 warranty coverage on all parts and labor for 10 years!
✔    Annual maintenance
✔    No upfront cost
✔    Priority service calls
✔    Affordable monthly payments

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