GREE Ductless Heat Pumps

GREE systems are amongst the most energy efficient & environmentally friendly on the market today. Innovation and quality are what makes Gree a leader in the industry.

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GREE Ductless Heat Pumps

The efficient cooling & heating solution with ZERO ductwork required.

Sometimes, installing ductwork is neither flexible nor cost-effective. That’s where Gree ductless solutions can cool (and save) the day. They’re a smart alternative to central, forced air systems and provide an excellent option for remodels, room additions and as a supplement to existing HVAC systems.

Enjoy the duct-free advantage that will save you time, energy and money!

Top Features:

✔ Avoids 30%+ heating and cooling loss from air passing through ductwork

✔ Precisely cools & heats only desired (occupied) spaces

✔ Maintains a constant temperature – no wild swings like conventional equipment

✔ Simplifies maintenance of filters to maintain optimal air quality

✔ Delivers up to 50% energy savings compared to conventional ducted systems (up to 38 SEER)

✔ Locates outdoor unit (compressor) 30’ or more away from the indoor unit for much quieter operation than window units

GREE Certification:

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